Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Color coordinated week

Last week on Tuesday my college noticed I was wearing pink just like the day before. 
Maybe the pink from my hair has entered my brain a little ;-)....

I'm not really a girly girl, barbie chica who wears pink all the time, but I thought it would be fun to make this a color coordinated week and wear all shades of pink from 
light baby hues, to sassy coral and hot fuchsia pink. 

Check out my daily diary of my looks last week, as I laid it all out on my bed. 

Monday: striped a-symmetrical cardi, silk ruffled top with dots, flowy paisley printed trouser, big hoop earrings with striped espadrilles and flip-flops. 

Tuesday: printed A-line top, pink stretchy mini skirt, skull necklace and killer heels to show a little leg.

Wednesday: Silk wrinkled top, boyfriend jeans, scarf as belt and red dancing shoes with lace laces to spice up this casual look. 

Thursday: Hot pink flowy blouse, black pants with shiny stripes, bedroom loafers with mustaches and bright yellow hanger necklace.  

Friday: Black T, kimono top with flowers, baggy de-stressed jeans, flip-flops and golden cuff necklace for a bit of glamour on a casual Friday. 

Saturday, Gay Pride day: Sexy fuchsia dress, with one sleeve and golden zipper. 
Killer heels, chain necklace, sparkle silver purse and scarf’s in my hair for a special touch. 

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