Monday, July 30, 2012

Cotton Candy Hair

 HAIR # 1  

Lately I have just been bumping into pastel shaded hair everywhere. 
Online and in magazines it seems the new 012 summer trend and I love it. 
Not afraid to experiment I have tried several colors years ago when working as a hairdresser's assistant. 

What will it be, fresh minty green, baby blue hues or bright girly pinks???

   But as I'm determent to grow my hair, it does not seems the smartest thing to do. 

But I have found the best solution ever, you can do it for a night out, and try all the shades without feeling guilty. 
With "Soft Pastels" you can just apply any color to your hair and wash it right out after a day or two. 

The only thing that is left to do is choose your first color. 

My original golden blond color -----> 
( I should get my dead end cut judging by this picture ;-)) 

Twist a lock of your hair and rub up-and-down with the crayon.

Off-course I choose the pink this first time for a real cotton-candy coup. 

Also great when braided, to show off the contrast. 

Give it a try and have fun doing it.... 
Don't be afraid, and enjoy the looks you'll be getting. 

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