Thursday, May 17, 2012

Outfit of today 20120517

SUMMER color popping

This week I was supposed to buy myself an sensible sporting outfit, yes yoga really is a sport. And you need a proper outfit when doing it. 
But something went wrong and I got distracted by these fabulous shoes at H&M. Walking in them is considered a sport I told myself when wiping my card trough. 
Today I was wearing them for the first time with my straight leg jeans (Maison Scotch) and bright pink shirt ( by Second Female). The necklace was a present from Hamburg and the ring is custom made for me by jewelery designer Yukee Chen. 


  1. Ow and your story reminds me of...well every time I go into the city to buy that "I really need to" stuff and end up with these kind of buyings ;) and yes walking in heels is considered a you made a wise choice. Wise woman!