Monday, May 28, 2012

DIY floral pants

To update the look of this silk floral trouser, I decided to give it a little make over. 

I wanted to make the top darker to reduce the see-though and be able 
to wear it more often.

This is how I did it: 
 1. Put the trousers on and see till how far you want the dyeing effect, 
I choose just below the knee, and add a little safety pin at that point. 

2. Attach the trouser up side down at a hanger, 
and hang it over the sink or bucket you will be using. 

3. Check how you should position it to get the color where you want. 

4. Follow the instructions on the package. Add more water to reduce the color. Instead of 6 liter I used 8 to make sure you can still see the flowers. 

5. 1/2 way during the time, place the hanger a little higher to make the color more faded.

6. Rinse very carefully and wash by hand after. 
Let it dry and have fun wearing it more often. 

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