Tuesday, February 17, 2015

It's been too long...

I have taken a break from blogging for a while now. 
As the past year or so I have been struggling with my passion for fashion and working a job that made me unhappy most of the time. But now I have made the decision to do something about that and not let my passion go to waist any longer. 

This new year I'm starting the search of my love for fashion and writing. 

I'm sure it will be a struggle at times, but hè that's OK! 

FEB 015 ..... Wishlist

Lately I have been seeing this new fashion item. 
Now it got my attention it seems to show up more and more in street-style pictures. 

It seems the prefect new staple for spring 015. 

I'm not sure it has a name yet, but best to describe it as a long sleeveless tailored blazer. 
They are out there in all sorts and kinds, from basic grey and camel, to bright colors and off-course good ol black...

Here are a bunch of street-style pics I found online that got me sooo inspired. 
Not sure which style to go for, but for sure on the hunt for one of these sleeveless blazers from now on.

All images: Pinterest

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