Sunday, March 10, 2013


I'm obsessed with sweaters these day's, you can never have enough of them as they come in all shapes, sizes and colors. 

Best are the bright ones that make a statement and I love to add a personal touch by adding a little something to make the look complete. 

This bright pink boxy shape sweater from ZARA is one of my seasons favorites. 
By letting a lace top peep out it adds a bit of sexy to this oversized sweater and the scarf necklace gives it a playful edge.

This chunky sweater from Just in Case matches best with a feminine floral blouse 
with gold collar tips from ZARA
Love to play with contrast and patterns, to keep it interesting. 

This minty angora sweater from Selected Femme, does not need a lot, just a bold black shiny necklace to keep it from being too sweet and cute.

Goes best with ripped boyfriend jeans, of even a leather legging for a tough touch.

Bold stripes in contrast colors on this hand-knit chuncky number, also from Just in Case,  stands out from itself. 
But to give it a personal Judy-tough, I still like to add something extra by adding a little leopard print top in matching colors from Topshop.

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