Friday, December 21, 2012

Bag it up

So I got this new camera and I wanted to start carrying it around with me. 
But as I'm a bit clumsy this baby would need some serious protection. 
No leather casing available for this type, I wondered if I would be doomed 
to use a "not so very charming, to say the least" touristy kind of bag.... 

I figured to give it a try to see if I could produce a better option. 
I found an old leather shoulder bag, that could be perfect with some shape adjustments. 

As this baby has a thin body and longer lens then average, 
I would need to shape the case around it. 

This leather, long strapped bag looks good in size, and will do the trick.

I took apart the bag by opening the side seams and folded it open. 
Draw around the camera on paper to get your pattern. 
Don't forget it needs a top and a bottom part, you can just draw it one time and flip around, 
as the lens is not centered. 

Then you cut out all the parts from the leather adding some extra space for your seams. 
I used an old jersey scarf to add some lining for extra protection on the inside. 
Make sure to use strong yarn and a sharp needle, I did it by hand a no sewing machine available. Sew all parts together in-side-out. 

If you turn it with the goods side out, check if all the seams are closed properly or if you mist a part. I added the strap of the bag on the edge 
to wrap around the camera to keep it all in place. 

And you got yourself an unique and perfectly fitted camera bag.
Ready to go!

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